The start of ClueJob

History meets innovation and creativity here. The founders, Filios and Panayiotis had a dream: to create something that represents their passion for gaming. We had the chance to interview Filios, a brave entrepreneur, who created a successful business from scratch. He is someone who not only built his own game, but designed the website for[…]

Play Samsara Room

Want to get a go on the escape room concept?  Before real life escape rooms where officially created in Japan under the term “Takagism” tons of people enjoyed solving puzzles on their computers, tablets and smartphones.  Currently real life escape rooms are offered in Limassol for people to enjoy… Follow the link to play Samsara[…]

Article by Cutty Sark – Dare to Discover

“Article by Cutty Sark – Dare to Discover” HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT THE CLUEJOB? WELL…WE DID It’s something like the «SAW» but rather than waking tied up after being unconscious in a cold room, you can book it days before, get your friends, wear your Converse and head towards Limassol.  It is an alternative way of entertainment,[…]

Article by Avant Garde Press

Article by Avant Garde Press” Are you ready to raise up your adrenaline levels;  Since we are a bit fed up doing the same things, we went on a quest to find something exciting to do.  Thank god in Limassol, ClueJob gives us the chance to get out of our hibernation & work our minds![…]