January 3, 2015

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: ClueJob?

Answer: We are a dedicated team that forms alternative ways of having fun.  

The combination of intelligence and entertainment promises a new real life gaming experience for you and your friends.


Question: I have heard about these escape rooms! After all this buzz I still don’t get what it is.

Answer: An escape room is basically a room that contains clues, riddles, locks, puzzles.  The main goal is to get out within 60 minutes and obviously have fun with your friends.


Question: Is there anything dangerous or scary in the rooms?

Answer: The rooms are designed with safety in mind. The purpose is not to scare people but offer them an exciting, memorable and amusing experience. In case of an emergency, exiting the room is a rapid procedure.


Question: What skills do I need in order to play the game?

Answer: You don’t need to be a mathematician, physicist or a locksmith. In fact the only thing that will help you solve the “puzzle” is some TNT 🙂


Question: Super…I usually play team based games with my friends. How many friends can i bring with me?

Answer: Since you are not allowed to bomb the place, your best bet will be to have friends with you, to help solving the puzzle and getting out of the room.  Depending on the room you choose to “play” you can be a group of 2-11 persons.  


CRAZY GRANNY / 3 – 6 persons

TRAPPED / 2 persons 

CHAINED / 3 – 5 persons

HOSTAGES / 7 -11 persons



Question: What if we are a group of 20+ and we would like to be entertained;

Answer: For groups of 20+ people we offer specially customized events.  For more info please read here!  


Question: What happens if we get stuck during the game?  Any hints?

Answer: The puzzles are designed with some difficulty in mind and not everyone will solve them. However you will have 3 hints during your gameplay provided by the gamemaster when you require them.  


Question: What is a gamemaster?

Answer: A gamemaster is a person with magic powers that can trace your moves. ClueJob staff monitors your progress through cameras and provide a hint when you ask for it. Press here for Game Tips.


Question: Clever…can’t wait to play it! How can i book?

Answer: You can use the online booking system Book A Game or give ClueJob a phone call 2525 5191 just in case you need more info Contact Us.